Getting Here

There is only one way to reach Thassos and that is by boat. The island has two ferry ports, the main one is in Limenas (Thassos Town), the capital of the island. The route to Limenas is from Keramoti on the mainland and is the most popular route to get to Thassos. The reason for that is that during the summer months the boats run every half an hour and the journey time is only 35 minutes. The distance from Limenas to Limenaria  is approximately 38 km’s, take the island ring road and travel in an anti clockwise direction and  follow the signs for Skala Prinos  / Skala Kalirachi until you reach Limenaria.

The second port is located at Skala Prinos and is served from Kavala, this route has a journey time of approximately one and a half hour and has less frequent sailings, a maximum of 5 in a day during summer. From Skala Prinos, again travel in  an anti clockwise direction for approximately 20 km’s. Follow the signs for Skala Kalirachi  / Skala Maries until you reach Limenaria.


Thassos does not have its own airport but is well served by Kavala Airport (Megas Alexandros) which is situated just 17 kilometres from Keramoti port. Kavala is mainly for charter flights during the summer from all over Europe but does have a twice daily connection service to Athens International Airport. Alternatively, Thessaloniki, just two hours away from Kavala, has a full international airport which also benefits from several budget airlines which use it. Car hire is simple and the journey to Kavala/Keramoti is straightforward using the road Odos Egnatia (E90).


As mentioned above, Thassos is fortunate to be very close to the Odos Egnatia (European E90) which is a super highway built to provide a backbone across the north of Greece. It runs from Igoumenitsa on the western Ionian Coast of Greece to Alexandroupolis on the east Aegean coast, close to the Turkish border. The E90 has good links to the south of Greece and all of the Balkans.